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Three years from now you could be the go-to expert in your field, guiding business leaders and making a lasting impact.

You could be a Team Manager, leading your own high-performing office and team of consultants.

Or you could be a Learning Platform Specialist, implementing ground-breaking online training.

You could have had multiple promotions and pay rises, a fully-funded professional qualification, and mentoring from a senior manager with years of business experience to share.

All working for a company that values you and values the community we live in.

Apply now for the REED Graduate Training scheme.

Graduate Training Scheme

Office Location: United Kingdom
Job Type: 3 Year Scheme
Salary: £23000 - £30000
Role Type: Full-time
Reference: 3139
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Here’s what the REED Graduate Training Scheme will offer you…

Year 1

Your first year is designed to assist you with getting to grips with how our business works. Understanding our core operations is vital to your future success. You’ve got three options to decide between:

  • Reed Specialist Recruitment: Recruitment Consultant
  • Recruitment Advertising – Sales Executive
  • Reed in Partnership: Employment Adviser

Year 2

Loving your first year role, smashing your targets and reaping the financial rewards? Aim for promotion! Our Future Leaders programme is designed for graduates like you so that we can provide you with the support and skills you need to grow and manage your own team.

Fancy a change? We will provide you with a detailed list of rotation opportunities, including roles within our central support functions (e.g. HR, Finance, Marketing, Learning & Development) or you can even apply to work in one of our international offices.

Year 3

You’ll be excelling in your career by now, making vital contributions to the business and perhaps even managing a team of your own. If you have progressed in to a more senior recruitment role, we will offer you unrivalled development through our Management Academy – of which 77% of Co-Members who complete the course progress into a management role.

Other fantastic opportunities exist within our support functions or internationally. By the time you exit the scheme, you will have a wide range of experience, your communication skills will soar and your ability to build effective relationships will be second to none, ensuring you are ready to secure your permanent role with the UK’s favourite recruiter.

Graduate Application Process:

Part 1: Recruitment Process

Apply Now We pride ourselves on an efficient and thorough recruitment process.
Expect it to take approximately 5 weeks from application to being offered a place on the scheme.

Stage 1 - Application Form

We ask you for the information we require in order to ensure you receive a fair assessment. Try and make your application stand out, use the space available to describe why you'd be perfect for our Graduate Scheme.

Stage 2 - Psychometric Testing

We'll invite you to complete a verbal and deductive reasoning test. We expect you to perform to a high standard in order to progress. Ensure you attempt practice tests beforehand, as this will help! Sample tests are available here.

Stage 3 - Telephone Interview

You will have a telephone conversation with a member of the Graduate Scheme Management team to determine your motivation and suitability. Make sure you take time to research REED and that you are able to clearly articulate why you.

Part 2: Choose A Role

Following Stage 2 we will ask you to choose which of the following roles you would prefer to start your new career in:

Recruitment Consultant Continue Process
Sales Executive Continue Process
Employment Advisor Continue Process

Part 3: Job Specific Stages

Ensure you have chosen a job option from Part 2.