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Challenging but Rewarding – My First Year in Recruitment

challenging but rewarding blog - Nabeeda Bakali

My first year Graduate Scheme placement with Reed Marketing & Creative, Birmingham

Guest blog by Nabeeda Bakali

Business & Management Graduate, Aston University    


Anyone who is considering starting their career in  recruitment should know that it can be quite a challenge at times. Resilience is certainly one of the key attributes that you’ll need. You can be on top of the world one day and feel like nothing is going your way the next; the difference is the people around you and the support you receive. That is something I’m not short of here at REED.

The team around you are very accessible from Senior Management to the people beside you; I work very closely with my direct line manager on a daily basis. My Head of Division (Jody King) has spent time with me, designing action plans, motivating me and above all boosting my confidence showing me that I can achieve what I want to, if I put in the focus on achieving the results.


“You can’t be doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”


The attitude here at REED, and certainly in my business area (Reed Strategic Growth Business), is that we are in it together. My Senior Director, Chris Adcock has spent time with me and worked with me on how I could grow my client and candidate base in Marketing & Creative more effectively. Chris posed questions that I knew the answer to, but hadn’t thought of and he gave me solutions from his years of experience in recruitment to help me set my future goals.

REED have industry leading training and I have certainly benefited from this; I have attend sessions both as part of my Graduate Scheme placement and as a consultant in the business. The training can take place at the residential Reed Business School or with your Business Manager in your office. After speaking to Chris, my manager and I arranged coaching sessions and I felt reassured that it wasn’t just me that wanted to succeed, but my wider team around me.

So if you are looking at joining a Graduate Scheme, Placement Year or just starting out on your career – its important to not only consider the job itself, but the people and the network of support around you. I am less than 6 months into the Graduate Scheme, but working with an exciting division (Reed Marketing & Creative) with like minded people, in a results-driven energetic environment gives me the drive and determination to succeed.

The Early Talent team are always on hand to help with any questions you may have and I’m looking forward to the future social events and celebrating my success along with my peers.



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